Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Internet won't make you a model alone

Just posting your photo on the internet isn't enough. To be a model it takes a lot more focus, ambitious and work!

The internet has created this bubble or opportunity to be exposed but actually it can lead to you being exposed in the wrong ways, ways that do not really make you a model, but just feel like one.

It takes more than just one source of marketing tool to get work as a model, it takes real people, in the industry who work with models, and real clients, who book models.

There is so much clutter on the web, so many fluffs, and girls who are not really models, but just showing their ass, to be a model get work as one, make a business out of it, and get an agent, you need to first of course be your own agent and hustle and work hard and think like a marketer, but you also have to understand the difference between a hit or click on your profile page, and getting modeling WORK.

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