Friday, August 1, 2008

Teen Modeling Advice and Tips from Isobella Jade

Some of this is taken from an email I sent a girl who contacted me about teen modeling:

So you have great skin and a nice energy an smile, but modeling is more than looking nice, it is about your ambition and being realistic with yourself. If you couldn't walk the runway, or be in a billboard would you still want to model? What if you could get into shoe modeling, or represent products and not just fashion, would you still want to model? Modeling is something that people can do of all colors, height, weight and size. You can see this by looking in magazines, ( of all kinds) and commercials.

Modeling should be a hobby, like a sport, because you can go on 30 castings before you book just one! You don't want to miss out on fun you should be having right now, until you are older because models are all ages, commercial print models can model until they are 60 or older! Think about the ladies in the Advil or retirment commercials or insurance commercials and print ads. Modeling is not just Vogue or Playboy, modeling is about selling a product, brand or service, and representing it with your look.

Also I don't think you should keep modeling a secret, modeling isn't just being a pretty girl and being complimented, modeling is WORK! And you should tell your parents about your pursuits as a model, especially if you are a teen.

There are plenty of pretty girls who want to be models, but they are not because they do not understand what modeling is, and they do not know the type of photos they need and they end up making mistakes, and working with the wrong people because they are desperate to call themselves a model. You don't have to pay an agency, but you do need to get some photos taken of you and remember that before you start modeling or wanting to be one, you should look at ads and editorials in magazines and get some ideas of what a model is. Notice commercials where teens are used, focused on brands that use models of your age.

Also something you can do right now, is research commercial print modeling agencies and check out my blogs for a list of a few in the city I work with.

Or have your parents Google some agencies. The best thing to do is google, commercial print modeling agencies + your city.

Or Talent agencies + your city

Get active:
Also you can submit your photos to magaiznes like seventeen, ect. By looking in the front of the magazine and submitting your photo to the Photo editors. Or features editors. Also if you have hobbies, soccer, drawing, singing, or anything chairty wise, it would be good to include them in a letter.Try looking on ..www. and look at the contact section, there is a girl of the week submission you can make. Even bands like Rocketdog (shoes) are welcoming video submissions of people who want to represent the brand.

Saving money tip:
I don't suggest going to low quality photos, but these days digital camera are of great quality, and if you can style, and plan your own shoot, see if you can save money by having a person you know who is skilled with camera's or techie stuff and have them take some photos of you, you have to get comfortable infront of the camera. You want to review the photos after you take them, see what you did good and what looks not so good, compare the shots to ads and editorals, and try to see how you look on camera. It is good to see how you look, and how you appear on camera, so that you enhance your traits and also learn about how to pose, and look natural on camera.

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