Friday, August 22, 2008

Being a model takes confidence Self esteem issues

Modeling takes a lot of confidence and you should have it before you start modeling or wanting to model. Many girls think of modeling as a way to get an ego-boost and feel hot, pretty, sexy and wanted and desired, before they understand the business part of it.

If you are expecting modeling to make you feel good about your self, then you do not understand what modeling is. Modeling is not an ego boost for yourself, it is a business. It is about the brand more than you. It is about the brand you are modeling more than you.

Many teenagers want to model but many of them have self esteem issues and they think posting their photo on social sites or just calling themselves a model, or going to a modeling school will really help them feel better about themselves, when really feeling good about yourself is not an outward thing, it is inward!

You have to love your mind, your skills, your person beyond the beauty, or appearance of you.

It is a lonely business, you pursue by your self most of the time, if you are over 18, you will be going to casting by your self, and shoots, and marketing yourself yourself, mailing photos to agencies to get started.

If you do not have confidence then modeling then you should not start.

It is similar to playing a sport, You have to have confidence on the court or playing field, just like in modeling you have to believe in you and really work hard to get the representation you want as a model and strive. Just because something isn't easy and you aren't discovered doesn't mean you shouldn't model.

But you have to know that it takes confidence, and a smart person to start modeling.
I don't think of modeling as a flakey thing, I think of it involving ALOT of research skills, and personality and knowing how to market yourself. Days of being discovered are basically over, and the shorter girl can get ahead but she can't expect to be discovered. And have it all worked out and handed to you. Modeling, like any pursuit, sport, goal, is work!

Yes the business is a business. But you have to have confidence, love yourself first.

That is number 1.

Focus on your strengths, and you will become who you want to be.

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