Thursday, August 21, 2008

Curvation shows Plus Size model in Ad

How awesome is this! I am flipping through Marie Claire Magazine and I see a Curvation ad, the brand creates side shaper undergarments of underwire bra's and shaping panties and the model looks to be a mix of Asian and African. Nice glowing legs too and showing the curves proud!

About Curvation:
CURVATION® was created for the countless curvaceous women who told us they couldn't find intimate apparel that was both beautiful and functional. We talked to real women with real curves and they voiced their frustration at only being able to find functional products that weren't beautiful or beautiful products that lacked comfort and support.

Designed by the team of women who make EXQUISITE FORM®, a long-time leader and innovator in women's intimates, CURVATION® is the perfect fusion of femininity and function. For the first time the 60 million curvaceous women in America have an intimate apparel solution that is both sensual and liveable and affordably priced.

Our goal is to translate our design expertise into a wardrobe of intimate apparel that offers women beautiful, figure-enhancing options to celebrate their curves. We hope CURVATION® creates a new language to convey a very positive message of confidence, sensuality and femininity.

We also hope you love wearing CURVATION® as much as we love making it.
Real women with real curves spoke and we listened. Click to hear what they had to say about being curvaceous and about CURVATION®.

Also Queen Latifah positively embodies the spirit of curvaceous women. She was the unanimous choice of the women we spoke with to be their role model. She clearly celebrates her curves and that's what CURVATION® is all about.

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