Wednesday, August 6, 2008

teen modeling advice

You don't want to be mislead to think teen modeling means being sexy too fast, and the internet can mislead you and sway in to believing you have to be overly sexy to be a model, this is just not true. Another idea that is false is that to be a model you have to give up your life, and that you will soon jet set..

It is best to do some of your own research on what it means to be a model before you start thinking of being one. Because thinking of being one, calling yourself one, and actually getting modeling work can be totally different things.

Do you know what modeling is, because modeling is really about marketing, and knowing what you are good for marketing, knowing what you look is good for, knowing what you should be doing to be a model, the type of photos you need and work you need to put into it in the form of research, and submissions.

Alot of girls settle for degrading themselves and get into sketchy and bad situation because they are so desperate to be a model, but there is alot of modeling you can do wearing a dress, or sweater even, and just being you!

My advice is to read magazines like Seventeen, YM, Teen Vogue, and J14, and try to notice the ads and editorials and how the models look, the styling, the smiles, the makeup, and to replicate these images with your own shots.

A shot of you smiling will go a long way as a teen model.

Grab a handbag, grab your favorite shoes, and think of ads, think of how products are used in editorials, and do you best to create photos that are honest, and sincere to who you really are.

The natural look is in, and you don't need cakey makeup n your face to get work as a model.

If you notice ad campaigns these days, a lot of them involve girls who just have spunk, energy and a fun look. They are laughing in the shot, they are talking with their friends.

But the one thing that seperates you from them, is just that they have a modeling agent or the ambition and the photos they need to get modeling work.

If you are looking for a photographer, it is best to know ahead of time about modeling, or to contact some talent agencies or modeling agencies and ask if they can suggest a photographer. Or you know what you can look on the agency website and get inspired by the type of photos you should have that will best represent you.

It does take thinking, research, and time to get work as a model. Being a model isn't just for the tall or the supermodel, it is for the girl next door.

But think of brands you want to represent, think of what modeling really is, it is modeling brands, products, services, and telling a story with your photos. An agent wants to see that you can work with products and brands, so target your photos in that way.

So put on your favorite necklace or shoes and make the shot look like an ad.

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