Thursday, August 21, 2008

At Home Photo shoot in forty minutes Home Made and Ready

If you are having a hard time finding a photographer don't fret, if you are broke don't fret, you can still create some snap shots which you can send to some agencies. And hopefully get an agencies interested. Hopefully you can be refered to a photographer to work with because you WILL need some professional shots.

Especially if you want to make a compcard.

When preparing this is what you need: A friend, or your mom, Digital Camera, maybe a Stand, energy and your smile.

Agencies want to see Your Smile, Your Energy, Your natural self ( not alot of makeup, just foundation, mascara, a little blush maybe, chapstick,) especially if you are petite, don't go too fashiony or too sexy it might not bring good results. Fashion agencies won't look at you and if you are too sexy you will narrow your choices to only one kind of magazine.

Commercial print models, model everything! Cell phones, handbags, catalog lingerie, nail polish, beauty products, hair care products, shoes, you name it! But not the runway and not high end fashion.

If you want to plan an at home photo shoot to get two things mainly:

A good shot of your face, a good shot of your whole body. Standing or sitting. But Standing is best.

I'd look at some magazines first, NOT fashion magazines, magazines like Marie Claire or Glamour are best, and notice the ADS. And how the model looks, commercial print models model everything, Tampons, to Beauty products, and Fitness.

To Start:

Face shot:

Striaght to the camera, you as you, smiling, or like a makeup or beauty ad, at ease. Whole face, no bangs in face, straight at the camera.

When standing:

Don't push out the hips to much, keep it natural, confident, not diva, more confident, while you stand there think about being in an ad for a great pair of shoes. Standing wearing them and hands on hips or to the side. Smile. Or you can look away or at the camera. You could also take a 3/4th shot of your thigh up.

Enclosed above is a sample of this.

If you are sitting you want to extend one leg to give you length and sit tall, slouching can make you look shorter.

Location: You should be against a white wall, or solid color wall, or sitting in a chair with NOT alot of things going on in the background, you want to background to be simply so it doesn't distract from the subject: You!

Now with your camera take some photos and play with lighting and angles, the shot needs to clear and with natural light, sunlight.

Don't stress over this for hours and hours, just take the silly snap shots and get them printed.

Download them and print some at, print up some 5 x7 or 4 x 6 inch prints, print like 20 of them.

Mail them out to all the commercial print agencies out there, in NYC there are sooooo many commercial print modeling agencies, grab a Ross Reports, grab a and try to submit, submit, submit, write your number on the back of the photo and mail, mail, mail.

Don't rely on email, and websites, social sites or your Myspace to make you a model. It won't, real models work with agents, agencies and get sent on castings and get booked for great jobs with top brands.

Who knows if you will get a call back in a week or a month, but if you work hard and are honest with yourself and market yourself in the right ways you will have better luck.

Don't settle for just being a click on the internet, be more, be who you want to be, but that can sometimes mean being realistic with yourself.

There is also hand modeling, shoe modeling, leg modeling, parts modeling and for these you need commercial like shots of your legs, hands, and feet, think of magazine ads that show a girls hand, feet for a shoe ad, and legs for panty hose, think about these and create images that show your legs , hands, feet, and parts naturally.

You have to work to get what you want and have the photos to mail, even if it means setting up your own shoot with your mother. It is better than working with scumbags wanna be guys with a camera who don't know how to shoot and can not get you anywhere.

Be real. Be realistic, Be who you want to be. Make it happen.

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