Monday, August 18, 2008

Look leaner in photos and using your body to pose right

Confidence comes from loving your body, but having a proportioned body in photos is important for a model. No matter if you are a size 2 or 24! Learning how to work with what you are and pose with it to create a great photo is important. Don't expect the photographer to always tell you how to pose, or the art director, sometimes the photographer or art director want you to do what you do...pose....and then they will say."ok, perfect hold it!"

But holding it, and knowing how to angle your body is important. No matter your size. Especially since models come in all shapes and sizes these days.

So when it comes to posing here are a few things to consider:

1. separating the arms creates length to your body. Instead of hugging your body close and putting your upper arm right against your chest, loosen the space a few inches, you will appear leaner and longer.

2. High heels. Yes it might sound typical of height challenged women but wear some heels and when either sitting or standing.

3. No baggy clothing, the rag doll look can be cute, but not for a photo shoot. Stick to clothing that are fitted, but not too tight. Sometimes if the shirt, or bra is too tight it can make you look bigger than you actually are.

4. Keep your chin a little higher, not too high, but say no double chins, even the skinny girls can run into this problem, keep your frame long, stretched, and poised. Even when laughing you can tilt your head and angle your face so that your face looks refined.

5. When you have a prop a bag if you are petite, don't have one in the shot that is TOO big and makes you look smaller. Or short. If you are curvy, don't have such a small bag you look bigger than you actually are. Same with chairs, and other props, keep everything in proportion. If you are posing with a guy, make sure he isn't 5 inches taller than you and that you have to look up a mile to see him.

6. Of course arching your back and standing straight makes you gain a few inches. You wouldn't believe how many people I see slouching! Standing tall makes you appear talk as well.

7. Mainly I think keeping proportions has to do with space, keeping the spaces open, if you are sitting in a chair, bring one leg closer to the camera, create length and depth using your own body angles, and when standing, put weight evenly throughout the body, if you are leaning on one leg, make sure to bend the other leg, to keep the balance of proportion.

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