Thursday, August 21, 2008

Models don't have to do Drugs

Models don't have to do drugs, dance on tables or sleep with everyone. You have a choice to be and do things you do.

Recently someone asked me about what it was like going to castings and being around all different types of models. Well for one, I am not usually around tall models, but I do see plenty of models, and it's not like a bag of coke or acid comes with your modeling portfolio as a free gift, it is a choice.

The word model has gotten a bad reputation as a profession because of the drugs, sluts, and bitchy'ness that is portrayed in the media, movies, and at clubs, sure I have gone out many times and danced on tables, but those days are so over for me. So are the "model parties," you know, when you just show up at a club, sit at a table, drink vodka for free, because your face is cute, nope, done with that shit. I don't care who will be there. Been there. seen it, puked on it, over it. The conversation is also very weak.

All you get after that is the hang over and you can't get done anything the next day and I just don't have time for that shit, -my bank account is over-flowing yet, but even if it was, I wouldn't want to be lazy about my life, and honestly, the girls who are really drunk and wasted these days are not modeling the next day or able to go to the casting and look their best.

I am so sick of the slouchy, messed up model. Hair in her face, fucked up, tired, I am alive! I am not drooling.

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