Thursday, July 31, 2008

modeling only for perfection is wrong

I don't model for my ego, but I have been in contact with many girls who ask me if "I think they are good enough to model," and if "they should try modeling?" For me it was always a pursuit I wanted to do, not because someone told me I could, but because I wanted to do it, and strive to still do it each day. I think having confidence is so important when it comes to pursuing a business that is based on your look and perfection, whether it is a modeling casting (audition) for a leg or your face, you have to be able to roll with the No's and take it in stride and fight on, and continue to pursue. The truth is You aren't going to WIN every modeling job, the truth is you might never be on an ad campaign or billboard, but if you want something, set goals, aim high but be realistic. Modeling is a tough business, and whether it is a tampon commercial or Gucci ad, it comes down to " do you have the look they are looking for," and "are you what they are looking for."

If you don't book the job it isn't the end all, but learn from your experiences, castings, modeling jobs, and opportunities, and in life when you want to be something you have to strive, and there is no easy road to being a model that works with real brands, real agencies, and real products and get a real paycheck. It takes persistance, It Does take WORK! And if you are modeling only for an ego boost or because of a break up, or using modeling as your crutch it is not a good idea at all!

Modeling is a business of No's and being what they are looking for, if you aren't then there is always tomorrow and the next casting, and the next opportunity to look forward to but you have to be realistic with yourself. Yes there are many types of models, but something they all have in common, is having great skin, a clean look, energy, and ambition.

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