Saturday, August 2, 2008

Testing with Photographers

Usually if I wanted to test with a certain photographer, I don't just say, " I need photos," I bring an idea to the table, or say something like, " I loved you beauty shots, I would love to plan a shoot with you that is inspired by a hair care ad and has a vibe of an ad," or " I love your editorial shots, i would love to work together, I know some aspiring designers who would loan me some great accessories or clothing, or shoes, and we could put together a shoot that is nicely styled,"

Or bring something to the meeting, and discussion more than " I just need photos."

I think being a model, is like being a business and it involves being inventive. Not just being
hot, pretty, or anything like that, it involves really thinking of ways to get what you need and in a quality way. efficient way.

For Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, or cities that might not have many quality photographers who shoot with magazines and for ad campaigns then I would try to google not just photographers but also photography studio, and photography + the city, because you still want to try to test with GOOD photographers, not just any old Joe with a camera! The word photographer is now a word everyone uses, (and many are not really that good at all who hold the so-called title, so you have to weed out the crap and to do so you need to use more professional search words in your Google searches, and also if there is an Atlanta magazine, or something local, you might want to flip through it and notice who is shooting for the editorials inside, and contact them, research them, google them, and ask about testing.

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