Friday, August 15, 2008

Photo shoot mistakes: Was your photoshoot not what you wanted

Many times girls come to me with photography questions and sometimes they are upset because they paid for photos and they did not like them, or they got ripped off, or the photographer did not give them what was expected. Here are some tips when it comes to getting over a photo mishap and keeping your cool.

1. Meet with the photographer ahead of time. It isn't just about the photographer liking you and your vibe, it is about YOU liking the photographer and his work and feeling comfortable with them. This is important so that infront of the camera you appear natural and at ease, and confident.

2. Speak about what you want to shoot ahead of time, have a plan, and make sure the photographer understands what you are looking for. Even exchange and email or get it in writing. An email can be credit of what the photographer said and agreed to, should something go wrong.

3. Be realistic and honest with how much money you have to spend and what you are expecting from the shoot. If you are debating cost, and you have a small budget, think about what you really need to be a model...the best shots to have are actually simple, a headshot, a commercial energy shot...So even if you can only get one good shot from the shoot prepare to make the most of it, discuss styling, makeup, bring samples of photos you like in magazines and focus on what you really need and the goals of the shoot.

4. The best way to have a good shoot, is to plan ahead of time, be prepared and if possible get what is expected in writing. And only work with photographers you trust and who are comfortable to work with.

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