Monday, August 11, 2008

You can Get a Modeling Agency

The power of persistance is key to getting what you want when it comes to your pursuits and dreams. And when it comes to modeling. And getting a modeling agent. Alot of girls want representation but give up after they find it difficault to get a modeling agency and they end up feeling desperate to be models that they degrade themselves and end up sort of losing their dignity over it. My thoughts: Where is the persistance?

It takes more than a few submissions to agencies to get an agent interested in you. It might take 5-10 submissions before you even get a call back, an interest, a meeting. So if you give up before you really begin how can you really say you want to be a model?

It takes a lot of work but if you have good photos, and focus on the assets you do have and flaunt them in your photos, including your energy, your fit body, your smile, and your unique traits you should get an agent. Target yourself to agencies that work with models of all heights and types.

Commercial print modeling agency is more likely going to look at you and be a better fit for you if you are not 5'8". If you are shorter you might want to focus on making your photos not so fashion like and stick to creating images that look more commercial. Your Photos mean alot because that is what an agent sees and usually the agent will just look at the card, think about the clients they get and the current work the agency has booked and if they can't picture you working then they just won't call you. Show what You CAN model in your pics!

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