Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Modeling advice for new models who found the web

I think the web is the bad place to start as a model. I think it is decieving and can lead a person to work with very unprofessional people. And in unprofessional experiences.

Although it seems the web is the place that most girls go when they want to be models.

I don't think anyone can make you a model besides yourself, I don't think a hit or click or comment on your modeling profile page on a modeling social site will make an agency find you or that you will be discovered. I think what it takes to be a model is to actually get off the internet.

Being a model starts with goals. And knowing what type of modeling you want to do, and can do, and seeing if they are the same thing.

I think of myself as a model that can model anything, not just shoes, and handbags, but I'd even model for tampons or advil, I think of myself as a very diverse model. And I take myself and my goals, and pursuits seriously.

I don't play with the word model for kicks. I work at it, I think of it like a marketing game, not a game for my ego. And THAT is where the internet comes into play and that is where girls go left or right and the road splits, like two open legs into the internet modeling world, and into the real modeling world.

Really modeling involves going on castings with brands and for magazines, and for ad campaigns, commercials and editorials, print work. It starts with working with people who get calls and castings and breakdowns from top brands and clients. And it starts with a lot of self ambition. Modeling to me is a self made pursuit, it is something I create for myself, and make happen.

I don't rely on an agency, or website alone to make it all come together. The web will only get you so far as a model, the real modeling takes place in casting studios, photo studios, with art directors aside, and a real purpose for today's shoot.

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