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Modeling portfolio and professional photos for Models

An 18 year old girl on Myspace asked me "I need to have a professional photographer or any photographer? how much this cost? it's expensive to pay a photographer? i need to have both compcard and portfolio or any of them? I'll need to be without make up on the photo shoot or i need to wear make up? My photos need to be profesisonal? i hope you'll respond me back. thanks a lot!!"

This was my reply:

Of course you should want to have the best photos possible, professional photos, and your photos represent you, what you are capable of, and they are your life line to modeling jobs and getting representation. Your photo is what will make you a model, and your effort to market yourself.But a professional photo should be based more on: WHAT YOU NEED that will benefit you. This is not a Model reality show based on how well you hold a snake, this is real modeling, this is being realistic about your modeling pursuits. You don't have to be all styled like Vogue for your commercial print compcard or photos. But they do need to be clear and look like you.

A simple shot of you standing and laughing or looking like an ad for a handbag is perfect. Take a look at seventeen, or YM or Teen Vogue magazine. Get a feel for how ads look and the model appears. You start working on photos right in your living room, practice, lay on the couch, pretend you are in a couch or furniture ad. Arch your back, stretch your legs, but still look natural.

Now focus on your face, relax, and do not make a questioning, teasing face, make a confident face, a friendly one.

When it comes to creating photos, it is simple. A simple shot of your face close up like hair care magazines, and like the girls on the front of the hair care boxes is a good look. - look in magazine's and focus on the ads for haircare to get inspired.

Just a simple nice smile is what you need. Don't over do it with make up.

A Modeling portfolio is YES, but only after you have a collection of GREAT quality photos, you should get one once you start going on auditions, and castings because you will SHOW the portfolio to the casting director, they look at modeling portfolios to see your diversity, and range as a model. Here is a link on modeling portfolios:http://petitemodelingsource. blogspot. com/2008/07/your-modeling-portfolio-prints-should. html

When it comes to a modeling portfolio, Check this out for the type of photos you need:http://petitemodelingtips. blogspot. com/2008/05/are-photos-for-portfolio-are-needed. html

But right now, to get started you just need some nice simple shots of yourself, smiling, laughing, enjoying life and throw in there some products, like a necklace, handbag, some shoes, and make your shots look like ads. You could sit on the couch ( like I mentioned above)- or sit in a chair, or stand by the steps, or by a doorway, and have a handbag at your side, or sitting on the ground and you reach for it, and hold it, or something simple like that.The more ad like your photos look the better. An agency wants to see that you are sellable, that you can model products, and with brands.Right now you just need a simple face shot, showing your whole face, no hairing covering it, you need an energy shot.

Also If you want to get an idea of what photos you need look at my compcards here:www. isobellajade. compcard. comKeep in mind, I am 25, not 18, and if I show my body it looks like a catalog shot. I don't just show my body for any ol reason, it is with an editorial or ad appeal.I want to model with top brands and I do, because I show I can model, I make all my photo look like ads and editorials and it leads to me booking great jobs.For now, like I said, just grab a digital camera and start to practice. NOT pose, but be you, look in magazines to get inspired, and start thinking of ways you can model. Look in hair magazines, craft magazines, fitness, and magazines of ALL types. Modeling is not just fashion, but you have to show what you can in deed do within your photos

If you are not tall enough for fashion it is ok. You can do so much more, such as model for ads, editorials, for products and lifestyle brands, so grab your favorite sunglasses and make the shot look like an ad for a sunglass ad.

It is all about your marketing mentality. And knowing what you CAN model and print modeling, commercial print, lifestyle modeling is best for girls who are shorter.

If you don't have money to spend on photos, I assume you don't have $50- $100 to spend on photos, then at this newbie phase, you could even ask a friend to help you at this point.

Just ask one of your girlfriends, or your mom even.You just need shots that look natural. Not too much makeup, no diva, no cakey makeup, just natural, look at ADS for skincare, and products like Revlon. Posing too hard, being to fake about it, won't make you a model, commercial print modeling agencies want to see you natural. As you.I would also google: commercial print modeling and try to get some insight on what it is.I did a pod cast on it: You can listen here:

http://www. blogtalkradio. com/isobellajade/va/2008/05/29/what-is-commercial-print-modeling-anyway

Once you have some snap shots, print up some photos, even at Wal-Mart, some 4 x6 photos, and mail them to agencies. Sure a compcard is nice to have, but if you don't think you are ready for that, then focus on a simple headshot, and energy shot. And get started.

When you get more experienced and get with an agent you could ask for some help, but an agent just wants to see a few things:

Your face
Your energy
And knowing you are a sellable model

You don't have to go broke to start your modeling pursuits but you do need to invest time, energy and invest in prints and stamps and envelopes.

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