Thursday, August 7, 2008

Models and Self Promotion Advice for Tradeshows

The modeling business is based on self promotion and no one can make your pursuits come true but you. You need your marketing tools, compcard and headshot by your side, and able to be mailed, and even some time handed out.

A girl recently contacted me about going to a tradeshow to self promote. Here is some advice I gave her:
When it comes to the tradeshow, I would only go if you have some sort of marketing tool to drop off,- you have to remember at tradeshows many of the vendors are the SALES people, not the marketing people, and the marketing people are the ones who usually decide on models, but if you go you could quickly perhaps comment on the designers booth and clothing, and samples, and then ask if you can drop your card off for any future modeling needs they might have.Alot of times, people are very busy and too busy thinking of selling the product that they do not have time for a long chat.Although you can pick up cards and keep them and then follow up with emails might be best. Or mailing them your compcard in the mail with a note saying, I saw your booth at the Chiacgo tradeshow recently, last week, ect, and I wanted to let you know that if you need a model to call me. I would love to represent your brand....or something like that.I never been to that show, but sometimes tradeshows can be a great place to mingle, but just keep in mind, most of the vendors are trying to sell, not get models, so you have to be descreet, and quick!

Maybe next time you can be on the brands brochure that they use for their booth. Or you can be on their billboard posters and apart of their photo display. Who knows! When you are starting your modeling pursuits you have to network, hustle, and not be afraid to toot your own horn!

I think going to events, and tradeshows is a good thing for models to consider. But sometimes they cost money to attend, but if the show is a good one...then it might be worth it to fork out the money and go check it out!

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