Thursday, August 14, 2008

Body part modeling-your skin alone can make you a model

Having great skin is a doorway into the modeling business, and it can help you get an agent as well. Sure if you are not the tallest, or skinniest girl you might feel that modeling is a far-away-word, but if you have great looking skin you could use it to book some modeling jobs. Here are some ways to use your skin and get ahead as a model.

1. An even-skin tone. Having an even skin tone can help you book an agent and modeling jobs, just because a model walks on the runway or in a print ad, doesn't mean she is naturally toned, with great skin.

2. Having a toned body, if your legs are tone, your backside, your arms and stomach you can also do fitness modeling and parts modeling for skincare brands, and magazine editorials.

3. You can start by having photos of yourself and your body parts, -this is a must have-for models who have great skin and want to print modeling and also parts modeling, and you want your photos to look like ads and editorials, so you will want to look at some to get inspired. Usually in Marie Claire and Glamour and Elle you can find some good skincare ads. will want to find an agency that deals with Parts modeling, or commercial print modeling. You can also call and ask if the agency gets any jobs for skincare, or body type jobs and mention you have great skin and legs, hands, stomach, etc.

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