Monday, June 30, 2008

Why aren't these models modeling?

There are many models on these internet modeling websites, but I have to ask myself,"Are they really modeling?" Do they have goals? Are they just shooting to shoot and be exposed? OR are they really modeling?

If you want to model ask yourself, "what brands do I want to model?"

What magazines do I want to model in?

What am I good for modeling?

I think a model has to be able to adjust and model in many atmosphere's, meaning modeling a beauty products and then a jewelry product, maybe for a shoe company, and maybe even wear a business suit for a certain modeling job- maybe a commercial for Staples?

A model models for brands, for editorials in magazines, for commercials.

If you do not have product shots within your portfolio how do you expect to model them? And get an agency? If you do not have photos of yourself showing that you can in deed model in an ad campaign, for a magazine, ect, then how do you expect to get ahead. You should show photos of yourself modeling in the ways that you think you can model how do you expect to get ahead and get modeling work?

Try a simple headshot, or beauty shot. For inspiration, look in magazines, makeup ads, hair care ads, and start to think about the shots you really need to get ahead and acomplish the goals you want.

You have to prove you can play in the is the same thing for the NBA of modeling.

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