Tuesday, June 24, 2008

put your money where your modeling goals are

If you want to be in a magazine, get an agent, or work with brands, the one thing you need is photos and this summer here are some tips to how you can save money when it comes to printing.

1. Get a compcard made at www.compcard.com You can even order 35 for $35 if you don't have a large budget, and at least these 35 card can get you going, mailing, and launch your mail submissions to agents, magazines, and for castings.

2. If you are not ready for a comp card but you have a nice head shot then consider printing up from 5x7 prints at Adorama. No matter where you live you can order online. Great prices for prints! You can then mail your prints to agents and magazines as well. Put your name and phone number on the back of the photo.

3. Only mail one or two different photos per mailing. Or send just one or two comp cards, don't waste your promotional tools. The agent will let you know if they need more if they like your look.

4. It is better to print up one good photo than a bunch of photos that are just ok.

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