Monday, June 16, 2008

how do you get a modeling agent? First you become your own

No matter who your agent is you should always look out for your own dreams and fight for what you want. Modeling to me isn't a joke or a fluffy word, I take it seriously and I earn all I get with research and by being smart about it and realistic about my pursuits.

It involves mailing photos over and again a few times to get work. It involves resarch and being honest with myself. There are certain modeling jobs I won't ever get, like walking the runway. But I really don't want to do that anyways. I want to do print work and for that, I have learned, I don't have to be a certain height, I just need quality photos and I need to work with an agency that works with models of all heights. And I have and I do. I don't waste time.

I am not tall, but that doens't mean I can't model. I just find ways to use what I got and get ahead!

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