Friday, June 20, 2008

middle aged models are finding their market

Middle aged models are finding their market
So you’re not super skinny, super young or super sexy but there is modeling work for you.

I recently received an email from a middle age women wanting to start modeling but unsure of how to start. These are a few of my suggestions for any woman who is not a typical model:

Photos: Have you considered that the age of the women who are buying most of the commercial products and retail are over 35+.

With this in mind Stay focused on What You Can Model. Start by thinking about ads and editorials and magazines that involve women who are middle-aged, such as Redbook, More magazine, Travel Magazine, Cooking Magazines, think about ways a middle age model is used in ad campaigns and magazines.
Usually it won’t be for Victoria Secret, but it will be more for Sears, or a Family Circle magazine. To get work with these you do need photos that show you can model in the style, so focus on the type of work that people that are middle aged DO get, think about Dove soaps, skin care creams, hair care, and family products, even dish washers and bed mattresses need models! :)

Just think of brands that you CAN model for and follow suit and create photos that a woman should have who wants to model for products and brands for a woman who is shopping these days. Most ads and editorials and commercials are for women 25 and up, most shoppers are over 30 years old, so the market for this as a model is high, but you do need to focus on your images.

Smiles, suits, energy, laughter! Jeans, holding a coffee, a baby, a dog, wearing an elegant dress, think about ads like for travel, and cooking and bra's that involve middle age women. Sometimes you have to change your perspective on What Modeling really Is? With this mindset you can understand how to market yourself as a model.

Women of all ages are modeling and maybe they are NOT on a runway but brands like Advil, and travel magazines, and skin care brands, and hair care brands do need models.

It is important to create photos that sell you in a realistic way. Do you see woman 35+in Playboy? Not really much. Do you see woman who are 35+ in Vogue modeling the fashion? Not really? But there is still modeling work for you. You might have to translate it into commercial print modeling, where you will indeed find a market for you. Especially in magazines like Women's World, Fitness, Family Circle, Bon Appétit, Redbook, among many others.

If you want to shoot more bras and panties or something more revealing than think of ads and body shots, you will from retailers like these:


Anonymous said...

Great I am in my mid life and went with teenage student for photo shoots as I am dance instructor. Photographer wanted to take my pictures as I am wearing same size as my model dance student and fit and have many poises. It was a blast.

People never believe my real age.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to do playboy anyways? If you have gone this long turning down nude modeling, why would you go naked for the camera now.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm 41 and have been training for a pageant. It went well in the fact that I was able to compete. I'm wondering where to send my picture to have an agency look at it?

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