Monday, June 2, 2008

Slip, Scrub and Start Planning for your photo shoots and the sunny lifestyle.

From City Chick Magazine by Isobella Jade.

1. Slip and slide your legs with lotion. I would do it three times a day to get your skin, legs and body soft and supple again. To get into the flirty mood of shooting. I lotion my legs in the morning, I add some hand cream in the day and a dab to my neck. Then I moisturize again in the evening with St.Ives Collagen Elastin and I love Dove's new Cream oil. I first tried it on flight with Jetblue, I thought it was very impressive that Dove and Jetblue got together to give out free samples on flights! It is great to pick up samples of lotion at The Body Shop, or travel size creams that fit in your purse. -I like to keep my hands and elbows chap free.

2. Scrub a toe or two: While you're at it, get a pedicure, but this time not just the bland basic routine, go all out and get your feet scrubbed. Corns and all! Just exfoliating will make you feel ready to shoot! Also you don't just have to leave it to the salon, you can also scrub your feet yourself, and I do with Sally Hansen smoothing foot scrub, and get a nail polish color that is vibrant like Style Berry by Essie to show off those toes.

3. Wrap your hair in color; I love bandanas and scarves launching the Spring, and right now I have my eye on the orange Herme`s scarves. Scarves are great to keep the sun from damaging your hair as the sun starts to peer out and also can add some personality to your skirt and blazer combo and can be a side kick to the jeans and tee-shirt look.

4. Start planning your summer reading now. Did the earmuffs of winter make you forget that it is nice to escape with a book and let your mind drift into someone else's story? So start planning to read something that has some soul to it. Or go in the sexy direction and read some erotic books by Rachel Kramer Bussel. I suggest Glamour Girls: Femme femme Erotica (click here for link)

5. Make a list of all the things you wished you would have done last year and plan to do them! Get outside! If you haven't gone to the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn that would be a good one! The Brooklyn Brewery is also a great stop. Stretch out and maybe even go to the Bronx Zoo for a change. Visit the cosmic show at the Museum of Natural History. Or take the boat cruise on the Hudson and see the city from a new perspective.

6. Get a haircut! Or some bangs. A trim? Just chopping and styling your locks will make you feel like it is a new season! For models: Wella and Fekkai always need hair models.

7. Trim up the bikini line and did you know that there are bathing suits for $20 at H&M?

8. Use flower prints. Add some color to your styling.

9. Plan to get away from the pavement, and have your trips booked ahead of time so you can get a good deal on flights, hotels, and car rentals. It's nice to kiss the one you love in a new city.

10. Get yourself a gift. It is time to prize yourself for putting up with being cooped up during the winter, so refresh yourself with some new sandals!

With your legs lotioned, toes pretty, and your stride long and confident ready for some photo shoots!

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