Thursday, June 12, 2008

Challenge yourself as a model and get better photos

It is easy to tilt the head and give a smile, let the sun catch it, but try to challenge yourself as a model as well, try not to create shots that everyone has.

You want to create something that will leave an impression not just be "another headshot, or beauty shot."

Your eyes, and facial features speak even if you aren't talking. And you totally can feel it when the shot is " right on". The body, the eyes know it when your photo is taken to the next level and you are giving the camera more than just a face but a story.

It is easy to do the same poses, or only keep a few ideas in your mind but it is so much more beneficial to create photos that make a person go " wow, that is a sick shot!"

Challenge yourself, whether it is the pose, the expression, the atmosphere, to be a better model you need to work with good, great photographers, and you need to be able to push yourself to get the shots you need. Sometimes they don't just come by being in front of the camera alone. Sometimes you have to really work for the shot.

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