Sunday, June 8, 2008

Be in a magazine and not paying a dime

You don't have to pay to be a magazine, you don't have to join a talent website, or even have an agent. My first three tearsheets didn't come from an agency. They came from myself -my own submissions to the magazine and also by working with photographers who submit to magazines and are ambitious!

You can read all about it in my book called Almost 5'4"!
My do it yourself style proves that if you want something you can do it yourself and Yes! it is possible to send yourself to a magazine.

The best thing to do is actually pick up and look inside the magazine you want to be in. I have been in magazines modeling and also gained buzz for my book just byreading magazines and newspapers. What you need to find is the name of editors and the adderss. Where the magazine is published, Not the advertising subscription address. For example pick up Glamour magazine. Look in the front of the magazine at the Masthead- which is a list of all the editors and people at the magazine. Look in the photo section. And search for the magazine of the Booking editor ( who Books the models and clothing and everything) or the features editor, the research editor, and submit them your photo.
Also sometimes magazines have websites that say bluntly, Submit your photos!

Think of ALL kinds of magazines too, did you know there are magazines just for sunglasses, knitting, jewerly, hair magazines, and shoes? They are trade magazines and they need models, so go to the book store and consider them all.
All magazines need models!

Submitting hint: Submit photos that represent the magazines style. Don't send a photo of yourself in a bikini to a footwear industry magazine. And if you want to be in a magazine like Womans' World ( my first tearsheet!) Then don't send a photo of you looking too sexy...look inside the magazine and get the style of the photos and try to send one of yourself with the similar vibe.

I blog about this often. Here are some articles from my other modeling blog.

Article 1:

Article 2:

Article 3:

After I gained my own legit modeling tearsheets in magazines, it helped me to get with the modeling agents I now work with. But I never stop promoting myself. I freelance with agencies and I keep my modeling under my control as well and I hustle for me daily!

Waiting for my new compcard now! I made it from

I hope this helps!

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