Thursday, June 26, 2008

Being a model is more than just a download

Are you using the internet to get ahead as a model? Is it really working?

It takes more than just a quick download and a few minutes on myspace to become a model. It really takes ambitious and energy and time and research and submissions to get the goals you have as a model to come true. A lot of girls want to model, everyone does these days, but what sets you apart?

Don't forget the importance of having a compcard, having a video/film reel, and submitting a phyiscal compcard out. A lot og girls turn to the web without considered the marketing they really need, like a headshot, like a compcard. These are normal things that models need to have. Any girl at a modeling agency has one and you need one too. With or without an agent you need a compcard, and marketing tools.

Don't always rely on just your Myspace and website to be discovered, it takes more than just a download.

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