Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Best Model Spots in New York City

I write three modeling blogs a day because there is just so much to write and share. And hopefully when you discover these blogs you will be delighted that someone is speaking up for the non-fashion model.

Here are some of the best spots in New York City that come into play very often in my pursuits as a model.

1. Apple Store, of course this is number one since I used the store so much for my research and it was basically my office for 2 years and where I first penned my book. It is a great spot for out of towners too who might not want to use an Internet cafe. You can also visit the free classes at the store and learn a thing or two about being a more savvy tech model yourself! When using the computers just becareful to delete your work when you are done. And to delete your history too and sign out completely! You don't want anyone hacking into your Myspace or email account.

2. Sephora, even when I was broke Sephora was always a wonderful stop to touch up my makeup and even before shoots I would go in there and the beauty advisers would do my makeup and I would buy the mascara or some blush for my own touch ups once at the shoot. I also love the Sephora brand.

3. The Best free bathrooms in NYC, would be The Shops at Columbus Circle, (59th St, A,C, 1 train) the beautiful shopping center has a clean bathroom and also plenty of toilet tissue and usually the seat doesn't have pee on it. Also of course the Apple Store has a clean bathroom too.

4. The quickest printing shop in NYC is Adorama Camera, located on 18th St, 42 19th Street,- I usually get off the train at Union Square hit Barnes and Noble and then go to Adorama to pick up my prints for my portfolio. Prints are usually under $5bucks! And you get them in a days turn around.

5. Barnes and Noble is an awesome spot for an aspiring model, free entertainment on rainy days or before castings and shoots. Also you can hang out in the magazines section all afternoon researching the names of photo editors in the magazines you want to be in and start your hustle right there! I usually go to Barnes and Noble or Borders at least 2 times a week.

6. I am not huge on trendy model spots where models hang out for hours, I just don't have the tiem to hangout for no reason. I usually make plans or set dates. But if I want a grill cheese I go to The Diner in the Meatpacking district. And it is across from the Apple Store!
Sun 10am-2am
Mon 11am-2am
Tues 11am -3am
Wed-Thurs 11am-5am
Fri 11am-6am
Sat 10am-6am
44 9th Ave. at W 14th

7. duane reade competes with Sephora for me. I am always there. I love and hate duane reade. But it is where I go to get everything from makeup, facial toner, envelopes for my mailings ( or Staples) and I pick up panty hose for my leg castings and I love the little travel sized St. Ives handcreams.

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