Thursday, June 19, 2008

Posing tips of Jessica Alba

I think Jessica Alba is so talented and I admire her roots and growth as an actress. I also admire the way she poses for her photo shoots, these shots are from GQ magazine this past winter and I love the natural and relaxed element she brings to the shot, it is so hot and enticing and she looks really tall!

Lets learn for her poses, how a shorter girl can look taller. Alba is only about
5' 6".

Confidence is also important. When you are posing think of the story you are creating, the mood, the atmosphere and if you notice she is only leaning against a pole, or sitting, but her posture is great and the loose look of her arms while she is standing makes her whole body look longer and while sitting a little tilt of the leg can make your whole body look more proportioned.

And she rocks the one piece so well.

I look at editorials all the time to get inspired. You should too!

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