Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Modeling Means Marketing: Submitting to a magazine

If you want to model for a magazine you sometimes have to do the grunt work, do the research and do it yourself. Mailing the editors involves looking in the front of the magazine at the Masthead which is a list of editors and once you are on that page you will want to submit a photo that is similar to the vibe of the magazine. It is a self made modeling pursuit. Perhaps submit 2 photos, and don't forget to look into the magazine and get ideas for the type of photo you should submit.

This can be for any age, no matter if you have a child and you want to submit him or her to a Parent magazine to be on the cover, or whether you are 40 and want to submit yourself to a Travel, or Home and Garden, or Knitting, or Business magazine.

Modeling are needed of all kinds, all heights and colors. Think big! To hear more on this topic tune into my modeling pod cast called Model Talk and the segment called Pitching a magazine.

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