Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Modeling Body Tips: How to keep looking good year round.

My feet help me pay my bills. Shoe modeling is something I want to always do and to keep my feet fresh this is what I do to limit corns and keeping my pedicure nice:

In the winter I buy boots with a little room so that my foot some squish.

I switch and alternate days from heels to flip flops when I can. If I ran around in heels all day then the next day I try not to wear them at all.

In the summer there is no excuse!- I carry my heels in my bag and I wear sandals, flat shoes, or flipflops to my castings and then change in the elevator real quick or before outside I go into my casting.

I mositurize daily, nightly and even up to three times a day. You can mositurize your feet anywhere. At the park, under the table at dinner, before bed, on the train. -I have done them all!

I give myself a pedicure almost every other day, cleaning my toes, taking off polish, re-applying it. Mositurize again!- then use St Ives scrub on my feet.
(it has a perfect texture I love it!)

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