Monday, June 2, 2008

Modeling Photos, Are you trying to hard?

Sometimes the best shots of you are when you stop trying to pose and just simply relax. Stiff models are obvious. Do you know how to be aware but still look calm and relaxed in a shot. Do you know your body enough to know when the shot looks good? Can you feel when you are natural and making a natural face?

Sometimes spending some time staring at yourself and posing infront of a mirror can help before you shoot to relax and also when you are preparing. Sometimes rubbing some lotion or massaging your legs and arms can help you relax as well. But mainly if you have the shot created and planned ahead of time and you understand the look of the job,it will be helpful. Or if you are creating the idea for the shoot make sure you have the plan before you start. When it comes to the poses and styles you want to do, and get them done first.

The next time you look at some ads or editorials in a magazine take notice to how the models look relaxed even though they are posed. The face speaks even in a photo, so if you face looks relaxed, and you body is in a pose, holding a pose the shot will still look natural.

I think modeling is a lot like acting, playing a part, pretending to do something naturally, or maybe you actually are!

Modeling is work, and you might get tired after the first three outfits or styles, so drink a lot of water and maybe some fruit before or during the shoot. The sugar in the fruit will keep you going and feeling full of energy, so you can naturally jump, and stretch and pose the way you want to!

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