Friday, February 1, 2008

Applying Model Makeup and Cosmetics-depends on the shoot

Depending on the style of your photo shoot you will want to have different makeup. Don't over do your mascara or eye lashes for a casual shoot or casting. And whenever I have a casting I ask the booker what the casting involves, and usually you are told what to wear as simply as "wear something casual" so this also applies to your make up. The same thing applies to modeling castings. If you are going to a casting for lingerie or shooting a lingerie photo shoot then if they job is a freelance modeling job you might have to do your own makeup, if the modeling job is for a product they will usually have someone there, a makeup artist to touch you up and style the shoot. Here are some tips when it comes to makeup.

When Applying Makeup for a Photoshoot, remember this:

1. Consider what you will be wearing at the photo shoot? Depending on the clothing you can figure out quickly if the makeup should be loud or tame. I always think less is more especially with Photoshop able to enhance any makeup mistakes or intensity.

2. Foundation is the best modeling makeup you can have. It is best to test a foundation before your shoots and find one that matches your skin tone but also allows for blush and bronzer without making you look like you are Multi Colored! Foundation, lip-gloss, some mascara can sometimes be so pretty alone, so don't cake on the makeup until you know the style of the shoot.

3. Get idea by looking in magazines, flip through your favorite ads and NOTICE the makeup. Modeling tip: I think the girls on the cover of a hair color box, have beautiful makeup, but for more intense look look at ad campaigns in magazines for lingerie companies or more funky products like hair products. You can get a sense of makeup.

4. Have a point to your photoshoot and THE makeup could be the point if your are experimenting with lighting and trying to tell a story with your face alone,- and the makeup you apply, -but don't have a photoshoot just for the hell of it, it will get boring quick, and do nothing for your modeling career, try to have a plan when you shoot...and it is better to ask yourself " How will this shoot effect my goals and modeling career/pursuits?" Then look in your makeup kit and decide which makeup will give you a look that will enhance your features, and not over do it with bold lipstick and eye shadow, but give you a nice complimenting look.

(I personally love lipgloss and liner and a good foundation... I like looking like myself but on an island or city street, natural, not killing the photo with my nasty makeup chunks.)

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