Friday, February 29, 2008

Modeling Makeup Tips: Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Applicators

It is just a makeup wand, but it is also so nice to have at your shoots.

Not all eye shadows come with brushes, and wands.

It is great to keep an eyeshadow applicators handy, dabbing an applicator into eye shadow palette is a great idea if eye liner is not your thing. With an eyeshadow applicator you can line your eyes nicely without making a huge mess. They are also great to clean up makeup mistakes. You can re-use them too, wash them, and it is nice to start fresh with a clean eyeshadow applicator -especially when blending colors, so that you don't have the left over of a color you don't want on the wand.

I like using Wet n Wild, eyeshadow Appliactors, and guess what they are like one dollar for a pack of 4!

Saves money and they are long lasting.

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