Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cosmetics and beauty Tips for your Modeling Photo shoots

In need of some modeling makeup tips? Maybe you don't have a budget for a makeup artist? I will share tips about applying makeup, and brands you can find for under $20 tha twork great!

Tonight on my modeling podcast Model Talk- I will be talking about how you can buy long lasting Cosmetics for your photo shoots for under $ 20! A lot of petite models, and models in general have to be prepared to sometimes do their own makeup at their modeling photo shoots, modeling jobs even, and test shoots. Also when it comes to cosmetics it isn't only about your face and beauty marks, it is about your whole body, and I will give you tips on covering scars and looking your best, on the job!

Listen in!

*****I will be sharing Cosmetics for your Photo Shoots under $20!*********

-isobella jade

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