Monday, February 18, 2008

Modeling with your Tattoo

A girl recently wrote me on Myspace who was concerned about her Tattoo being a negative when it came to agencies and getting work as a model. Here is my response:

Why not use your Tattoo as a fashion statement, Kenneth Cole has an ad campaign going on now and the girl has massive Tattoos. Click here to go to the Kenneth Cole site, to see campaign.

Couple your Tattoo with a handbag that is a similar color or a hot pair of shoes, start using what you have as a good thing, not a negative. Also there are beauty mags like Marie Claire and Glamour magazine and Heart and Soul and you could submit a story about WHY you Love your tattoo. Why not. Send a cool photo of yourself rockin it in a fashionable way.

there is also INK magazine... a hot trendy magazine, send them something in the mail, mail the editorial department your photo... and a story about why you love your tattoo, it doesn't have to be a bad thing, a ghetto thing or a negative.

Make it a positive.

Think big. Not small.


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