Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Using the Internet to Get Ahead as a Model

The Internet is the best place to get information and the Internet is the best place to go but there really isn't a ton of quality informaiton on the Internet and you have to be careful always. When meeting a modeling agency, when posting photos on the Internet remember that what you post stays forever! Forever. Photos that I posed 5 years ago are still on the Internet. This can be good and bad depending on what you post so be careful and don't be so desperate to be seen that you end up with an awkward situation because of it later, based on the images you put of yourself on the Internet. Also be careful scammed, it is best to use the Internet to help getting you ahead as a model, and use it to research and try to start work with people in the Industry, agents, casting directors and people who are going to hire you as a model. Start Googling commercial print modeling agencies, and photographers that work with magazines already and make modeling a business, not just a way to feel good about yourself by hits and clicks on your Internet modeling page or profile, but by actually using it to lead to opportunities get legit print work! The Internet is great but you need to also get face to face infront of agents, quality photographers, and this can mean to use the Internet as a marketing tool, not just a place to flaunt your photo.

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