Sunday, February 3, 2008

Starting your Modeling Career

So you want to be a model? Well the first thing you need is photos, but the best thing to do is not to get sucked into revealing your skin to fast. A lot of girls turn to nudity when they find they can't do fashion work,- well showing your body is fine if you are a body parts model ( a job that involves using your legs, hands, feet, stomach, and parts for ad campaigns and print work and editorials), but you don't have to show it all or take it off to be a model! Remember, just by being yourself you can be a model, focus on working with photographers who have a studio or at least take photography seriously, as a hobby or as a full time business, don't waste your time with amateurs, or people who just 'sort of like photograpy," try to work with people who really care about it as a profession or interest,- this will save you from wasting time shooting with people who can't produce a quality photo....You need to make sure your photoshoots including products within your shots. Such as, using a handbag, or beauty product right in your shoot. Focus on ads and try to create what an AD would look like. Look in magazines to get ideas, and not just fashion magazines. Look into home and travel, and craft and hair magazines, and also pay attention to ads for shoes, handbags, sunglasses, watches, ect- which you could be modeling for- no matter your height! You need photos, and the best way to get an agent fast is to show photos that include products, show your energy, and also a nice close up shot, a beauty shot that looks like an ad for a jewelry or beauty or hair product. And don't be afraid to smile. A lot of models forget to show their personality and only show their smirks and pouts. You want to smile girls! come'on!


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Lisa said...

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