Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Swimwear Modeling Tips

I don't own a one piece bathinguit yet...but the one piece swimsuit is hot! When it comes to creating a powerful bathing suit shot for your modeling portfolio, think about using a one piece bathingsuit. I love that the styles of the 1940's and 50's are coming back to fashion. I love the way it can show your curves.

When you are posing in your swimwear remember that isn't limited to just vampy lips and pin-up type poses. I think it is nice to shave the night before the shoot- not the day of, it allows the skin to relax and it will be less red, if you do some stubble you can always use a spray on tan like Sally Hansen's (my favorite) on your bikini line or even some light powder. If you are feeling short in your bikini remember to seperate your legs, point your toes and to arch your back, and a little chin up can make you appear taller. But a good photographer will know how to direct you, or you can always refer to magazine ads, and editorials for inspiration.

I have enclosed some swimwear modeling photos above for some unique posing styles when you are preparing your swimwear photos. You don't have to just be in a thong, you can be in a brazilian cut or a full back bathing suit and look just as good, I am currently trying to get a full piece bathingsuit shot for my compcard!

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