Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Modeling With Brands and Creating Opportunity

An answer to a girl on Myspace asking: where would you find the addresses to send your pictures to in magazines and lets say marshalls or some other business?

At the very bottom of every website of almost every brand, or somewhere on the site there is the contact page, not you don't want to email the info@ email you want a person, you want the marketing or pr person. The marketing is best. Think to yourself WHO PICKS the idea for the campaign? That person also is involved in picking the models. Or you can find an email or name by opening a press release or press kit sometimes. You really have to dive in and think not like a customer but like the business side.

Or I would call the 1-800 number and ask about how to get intouch with the marketingdepartment,- how do they pick models, and how you can send pictures and what agencies do they use if any,?.... (I would do it in that order too, you want to try to send yourself before an agency if possible bit bigger brands usually want to work with an agency because they want to standard way-still worth it to try.......Or another option...Google the name of the company + marketing department. I booked the Marshall's job through an agency called PARTS in NYC, google them too.

For magazines focus on the front of the magazine itself, and focus on photo editors, features editors and booking editors, write their name down, or Google it, research if the magazine has an email address you can find on their website. And buy a stamp!

Google rocks!

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