Monday, February 4, 2008

How to Become a Model: Modeling Tips

Sipping a coffee, tying your shoe, zipping your coat, these are all actions that can remind you that modeling is what you do every day, commercial print modeling is modeling a product and to tell a story. A lot of girls want to know how to start modeling but they only think of fashion. The world is becoming a lot more commercial these days and commercial print model is best for a petite model. Ify ou are wondering how to be a model the first steps involve photos but also asking yourself What do you want to model? If the only thing that comes to mind is you on a beach in a thong, or a modeling runway then you are missing a lot that is out there, along with those types of modeling there is so much more. Commercial print modeling involves looking like yourself, pretty, ambitious, laughing, in action, smiling, and for examples try to check out advertisments for shoes, jewelry, hair products,- all of these models are commercial print models. Check out fitness magazines too and skincare ads for creams, and beauty products as well. These people are commercial print models. If you start targeting your photos to look like editorials and ads, you will then need to submit to a modeling agency and a talent agency, skip the fashion agencies all together if you are under 5'9". You can be a model,- but the image you have a model might have to first change to make that happen!

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