Sunday, February 24, 2008

Petite Modeling Poses: Posing to look Taller

When it comes to finding ways to look taller in your photo shoots, consider "the crop", you can see in the photo enclosed how the crop makes the height of the model unknown. Of course in person your real height will be known but in photos you can cheat the length of your body by posing with your back straight or as straight as possible, you arms a few inches a way from your body to create length and depth and also consider the 3/4 shot. You want to make your best parts stand out, and if you are only 5'1" you want to flaunt your features that can get you ahead as a model, such as: Your Hands, your eyes, your hair, your legs in a proportioned pose, your skin tone- nice and even_limit lines if possible in your shoots-, you want to have a great headshot and you want to try to look proportioned in your photos.
Focus on a great face shot and a body shot that involves you modeling with a product in a commercial fashion,- such as bags, shoes and accessories.

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