Thursday, January 31, 2008

Internet Modeling CAN be More

Don't forget to use more than the Internet, you don't have to only be an Internet model, counting your hits and clicks each day. You can be more. But you need to be active within your modeling career, the best modeling tips are based on being aggressive towards pursuits and goals with submissions. Don't be afraid to submit to agencies, talent agencies, commercial print modelign agencies, even a few photos, a smile, a headshot, a body shot, and it doens't have to be a nude or bikini body shot, it can be you in a dress, or jeans, just showing your personality. Commercial modeling and print work is best for petite models, and there are agencies that accept petite models, you just have to make your photos look very commercial, as if you are selling a product in them, think of ads and editorials you see in magazines like Cosmo, Marie Claire, Glamour, etc. Also Don't be Afraid to mail your photos to a magazine, because becoming a model means putting effort into your pursuits.

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