Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Modeling Tips, Get it for Free- Photos and Quality

I wouldn't pay for photos before you first try to get some for free. It is expensive and also usually you need more than one, usually many photoshoots to get the images you need, so before you pay consider these tips: You don't have to pay for photos if you are savvy,smart and have a plan. That is my motto. Don't leave home without it. If you want something you have to always consider, " why would someone want to work with me?" and " what can I bring to this opportunity so it benefits both sides?" I think it is best to contact photographers who appear to be eager and mabitous and driven and who WANT tear sheets in magazines and who take photography seriously. Once a photographer shared with me his seriousness by whippin out two magazines at the book store we were meeting at, which featured his work. That was impressive and I knew he had the drive to get HIMSELF in a magazine then he would like my personality towards getting exposed and working together to benefit both of our books! So pitch photographers who seem ambitious and open to ideas. Second, bring an idea, throw something different out there, shooting at the beach is boring, but if you say shooting at the beach with some jewelry from a designer I know of, or in a playful way or in an editorial style, and pitch some creative ideas you have. Usually a photographer will be interested in working with you. It isn't always about the is also about getting the tearsheet, getting exposed and getting more work, so photographers are like models in that sense, we are all hustling for work and want to work with driven people.

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