Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting a Modeling Agency or Modeling Agent

When you are infront of a modeling agency or open call, only show your best images, even if it is only three photos or two images. If you are unsure of what to show or bring focus on your best features and bring photos of them, like your smile, or a shot of you in a bikini. Also it is a good idea from now on to carry a journal or notebook with you, I have over 5 of them from all my running around and if someone is serious they usually have an agenda book to prove it! Ask questions to the agent, What type of work have they been booking a lot of?

what type of work do they think you would be good for?

Also what type of photos you should get? It is normal for modeling agencies especially the commercial print and talent agencies to leave it up to you to pay for your own compcard and images, therefore it is a good idea to ask what the agency looks for. Not to worry. For example some of the agencies I work for want different things from me. Some want only body shots, some want commercial shots that show personality and I need to market myself to each of them and give them the images they need to promote me. Sort of like getting a headshot, you will need to plan to get a comp card which can make you as diverse as possble on one card or you might even need to get two different cards.

Don't over load your comp card. A mistake many girls do is show so many images that the card screams " I DON'T know what I am good for!" So create a card that hos 4 photos on the back or less, sometimes only 3 images or two images on the back is enough and then a nice strong headshot on the front.

Also let the agency know what YOU are interested in modeling as well. Show you are serious and already making and taking effort into your pursuits.

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