Friday, January 25, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips: Using more than your BODY

During my next pod cast I will be talking about how using the Internet can help you get exposed but how the Internet isn't the end all when it comes to your modeling pursuits. It is so easy to take off your clothing and be another Internet model or glamour model, and it is a lot harder to run with the tall lanky Giraffes and the work with the agencies, get an agency and start pursuing work beyond showing your booty, but petite girls shouldn't get discourage or think that " since I can't get with an agency then I guess the only modeling I can do it glamour modeling." This is simply not true. I encourage petite models to open their eyes, and to not be limited, and know that there is a lot of modeling out there for you and that you just need to focus on making your photo shoots based around not just your curves and sexy body, but also based around your energy because the commercial print modeling world, does accept petite models, so there is no exuse anymore. Start focusing on getting a comp card and submit it to agencies, get over your amateur shoots and start being professional!

If you are shooting your body, refer to the photo enclosed and pair the shoot with necklace or a pair of jeans and shoot it like an ad! photos like this will lead to bigger work and put together a comp card and submit it out! So stop wasting time with the silly afternoon shoots where you pose like a muse for 100 dollars and start making real goals, target your photos to be something you can really use....and go for it!


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