Thursday, January 24, 2008

Petite Modeling Mistakes

Remember that there is more out there for you than only one type of modeling if you are a petite model. There is many options to consider. The best thing to do is to not get hung up on hits and clicks on Internet modeling websites, or relying on sources beyond yourself to launch your career, such as paying for being apart of a modeling or acting site. I don't think that is best way to go. It might sound old fashion but you need a compcard, you need to do a photo shoot that will really benefit you as a model. Sometimes you might be absorbed with using the Internet as the only way to promote yourself and sometime it CAN work, but it can't be the ONLY way you work. You need to not make mistakes by posting only one type of photo, like only showing lingerie shots. Yes it will target you as a lingerie model, but if you have a pretty face, or unique hair you need to also consider getting some beauty shots, and commercial looking shots. I think a lot of girls make the mistakes of becoming a glamour model without a clue who doesn't know how to market her self to agents and magazines, and brands.

When I think of modeling, I think of marketing, and I think of how I can get into the ad campaign and into the agency door, and what it will take. Usually it means adjusting my photos, re making or making a comp card, approaching photographers who have worked with magazines before and also who are driven and ambitious and learning how to self serve and getting over the fact that you might not be the most famous Internet model, but you might get a chance to be in an ad campaign if you start promoting yourself a little harder!

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