Thursday, January 10, 2008

modeling Tips: Becoming a Model No Matter your Height

If you want to model and take it seriously I think the first tip, step and action is to know how much work it will be, how becoming a model is like opening a business, a small business, and also it will be become a hobby, a goal, apart of your daily life. You can't think that just because you have an agent or comp card it will happen. The type of research and work it involves is heavy but it is possible if you are willing to really pursue it. A lot of girls doubt themselves or are not sure about how to start and the main first step is understanding the type of modeling you can do. I found this by Googling the word Model, and you should be researching too, goodluck!

Glamour models
Glamour photography emphasizes the model rather than products, fashion or environment. Typically the sexuality of the model is emphasized in glamour photography, while in fashion photography the emphasis is on the clothes.

Fitness models
Fitness modeling centers on displaying an athletic and healthy physique. Think Shape Magazine. Also in Allure magazine there are fitness models.

Bikini models
Bikini models are similar to fitness models with emphasis on a fit physique and the beauty of the female curves. Bikini models are usually curvaceous and fit. For women models, usually the models can be shorter- and usually are about 100-130 pounds or so.

Fine art models- used for artists, painters, photographers.

Body part modeling, these models are seen in everything from Vaseline Ads to Victoria Secret, not all the butts and legs you see in the catalog are from one model! This also includes hair models, hand models, foot models, legs models, stomach and curve models. Beyond lingerie there are models who are also behind models for advertising and products, skincare creams, who use their curves to model!

NOW you need to focus on working with photographers who can help you get the images you need! Or grab your boyfriend and some fitness clothing and go for a run and bring a camera!

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