Thursday, January 17, 2008

Modeling Scams, How to Avoid and Get Through Them

Sometimes when you are entering the modeling world, trying to figure out the modeling world, and finding yourself and trying to find your way it is easy to be scammed or let down. Here are three tips when it comes to getting through and avoiding mistakes as an aspiring model.

1. Ask questions no matter what the shoot, casting, meeting, etc. Ask where it is, then google the location and find out more in detail where it is, ask what the meeting, photo shoot, casting etc, will involved. Usually the more you know the more you can tell if the situation is good,safe and productive for your pursuits/career as a model.

2. Think about how every single shoot and job you do can lead to more, but also sting. So when you are submitting to modeling jobs, meeting photographers, and doing photoshoots remember: It isn't just about the NOW, it is about the later too. And how this shoot will effect you later!

3. Go with your gut. Most people aren't going to be aggressive to help you and your modeling pursuits, most people wont go the extra mile to make sure you get in the door, get the job, and get ahead, so be careful who you trust. If the person you are working with, speaking with, and shooting with isn't ambitious and can prove it to you in their language, portfolio, and their lifestyle, then why work with them?

And finally: Learn from your misakes, stay driven but don't go back and make the same mistake twice.

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