Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Modeling Tips: Getting ahead as a Model

So you want to get ahead as a model and think you are too short, well that is your short sightedness. You want to get an agent but haven't put together a compcard or headshot? You want to find a quality photographer but you haven't really approached any with your ideas and you have only been using the Internet as a launch pad to post your photo but you haven't made effort to be in a magazine, and work with magazines and products and brands. If these apply to you then you need to start taking action towards your goals. Treat modeling like a sport and play it and do it every day, practice and have a plan and goal. Not everyone has a friend who knows someone who can get you an agent and get you a job. That is not a common thing, and fighting for what you want also feels so much better, so be ambitious about your pursuits, and it might like like it is just modeling, but really to be modeling and getting work is a lot of work, it means creating your dreams, and making them happen. Making YOURSELF a Model. Creating it, believe in yourself, and knowing what you are good at, what you have to offer and to target those areas when it comes to your mailings and promotions, research and contacts. It means not waiting around, and really trying, getting after it and making sure you are focusing on your images, your marketing, and your pursuits each day. Just because you don't have an agent doesn't mean you can't be your own for now.

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