Monday, January 28, 2008

Modeling Advice: Modeling Poses

Here are some tips on how to pose and tell a story.

1. Don't forget your body parts....use your hands as an accessory, a simple finger to the chin, or lean an arm against a wal or hall way, or holding a sassy handbag can make a shot that looks intriguing, and that is the point right!

2. Use props like even those glasses you hated to wear in fourth grade are now a perfect way to spice up a look at your shoot.

3. Give your shoot some depth,(see photo) act as if you are on the go!

4. Don't stand next to anything taller than you, unless you want to look even shorter.

5. Sometimes if you focus too much on your pose you will get stiff so if the photographer is talented he will know how to pose you to make your body look good, if you need to direct your self then you can always count on the mirror and practice standing ,sitting, laying and watch what happens to your body, I suggest this because you also can see things from the photographer’s perspective and it is good to know what the photographer is seeing so you can be a better model.

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