Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting with the Agent

Getting a modeling agency is the petite models biggest question, and constant struggle. The best advice I can give is to NOT go to fashion agencies first. I think it is best to submit to the agencies that will welcome you with open arms, like commerical print modeling agencies. There is a modeling agency in NYC that accepts petite models called Flaunt Models, (google it) and I think if you pick up a Ross reports you will find many talent agencies that also accept models of petite heights.

Submitting to a modeling agent or modeling agency is like submitting to your first corporate job. You submit to the entry level positions because you are more likely to get into the position compared to submitting to be the CEO. You submit where you will be accepted, get some experience and then aim higher!

After you build some tear sheets you can then submit to fashion agencies, but petite models, shorter models, will always struggles with that because fashion agencies base their models off of the runway standards. Still there is So much modeling work you can do in magazines, editorials, modelign products, tradeshows, commercials and print ads! Don't forget that!

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