Saturday, January 12, 2008

Modeling Tips and Advice: Modeling Scams

A girl recently told me that she went to a modeling agency at 445 Park Avenue and it turned out to be a scam and she was very upset. They asked for money and also said to the girl that she was only good for cigarette and alcohol ads.

I found this upsetting.


This was my reply:

Obviously I hope you walke directly out of there!! Because of the Internet it is also to make money off of naive models so many jerks set up fake business's. Or try to rip you off. I HAVE NEVER paid any of the agencies I work with before I got paid through a modeling job, and in that case they get a percent that is usually taken out before I get my check. Which is normal.

Usually it is 20%.

Sure you want an agency, some help, and someone to promote you, but you have to always be promoting you so an agency is just one step.
When it comes to stopping by an agency.....ASK alot of Questions because you don't want to waste time either truckin' over to Park Ave. Did you ask this agencies on Park Ave if they had a website? What type of modeling jobs they book? How long have they been in business.

There are a lot of good agencies in that area, but also sometimes where there is good there is also some bad sneeking around. So if these answers aren't on their website already then you should ask alot of questions BEFORE you go and meet them. Beware!

isobella jade

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